[MUD-Dev] Call for Gaming-Related Art and Fiction

Sanvean sanvean at ginka.armageddon.org
Fri Dec 17 19:28:57 CET 2004

(Please feel free to pass this along to your players.)

Out of Character, a new magazine of fantasy and science fiction work
for the gaming community, is looking for submissions for our
premiere issue, due in March.

Our mission is to publish engaging, lively stories of interest to
gamers that stand on their own as quality writing. Any genre that
has been used in a MU* is welcome, although we will not take stories
that draw on copyrighted material.

Fiction: Submissions should be under 2500 words. Flash fiction is
welcome, as are multiple or simultaneous submissions. We are willing
to look at reprints.

Nonfiction: Interviews of interest to our readers, as well as
opinion pieces dealing with aspects of text gaming, are
welcome. Length should be under 2500 words.

Artwork: we are looking for cover art as well as smaller black and
white pieces or photographs to use within the zine. Art should be
submitted as JPEG files.  Cartoonists are encouraged to send

We accept e-mail submissions as either an attachment in .rtf format
or in the body of the e-mail. Submissions should be sent to
ooczine at gmail.com PLEASE make sure you have your e-mail address at
the top of the manuscript. The subject line should read either
FICTION SUBMISSION or ART SUBMISSION, followed by the name of your

Currently we are not able to pay; we hope to change this in future
issues.  We will provide authors with a banner ad, which can be used
to advertise a MUD, an electronic publication, or the commodity or
cause of their choice.

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