[MUD-Dev] Making the Customer Pay for Patch Bandwidth

Michael Hartman michael at thresholdrpg.com
Thu Dec 23 21:02:32 CET 2004

Robert "kebernet" Cooper wrote:

> I really don't see the probem here.

You don't see a problem with it taking people 5-10 hours to download
a 40 meg patch?

You don't see a problem with a business to whom you paid $50 and $15
a month making you donate your bandwidth to them if you want to get
download speeds greater than 2 kb/second?

You don't see a problem with a company not paying for the bandwidth
to serve its patches at a decent speed for all users?

> 1. That 2kb/sec is about what your 56k user has anyway, so they
> aren't really making demands on people that don't have the
> bandwidth to spare. What if they put a 4kB QoS cap on the
> downloads? Would that be better?

Better? Yes. Acceptable? No. Still completely unforgiveable? Yes.

>  2. Patches are a burst bandwidth activity and paying for high
>  volume burst activity is expensive.

Too bad. That's the price you pay for making $6 million bucks a
month on monthly fees (and probably growing).

Michael Hartman
President and CEO, Threshold Virtual Environments, Inc.
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