[MUD-Dev] Mythica Cancelled..

Valerio Santinelli tanis at altralogica.it
Tue Mar 9 00:19:36 CET 2004

From: <szii at sziisoft.com>
> From: Vincent Archer

>> As an aside, it looks like Microsoft isn't alone in deciding
>> this.

>> Ubisoft already dropped the Uru online segment (initial interest
>> was not very big I heard) and has decided to drop also The Matrix
>> Online (even if there's a big name recognition on that one).

> Well, UbiSoft's probably been pretty busy now that they're taking
> (have taken) over WolfPack for Shadowbane development.

I wonder if they're going to have WolfPack work on something else or
if they only wished to keep a foot in the MMOG market.

Valerio Santinelli
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