[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture.

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Thu Mar 11 10:11:58 CET 2004

From: Damion Schubert [mailto:ubiq at zenofdesign.com]
> From: Paul Schwanz

>> *boggle back* And you couldn't figure out a way keep that from
>> happening?!?  Perhaps the guards don't kill you withing the first
>> 30 minutes.  Rather, they just "escort" you off the city's
>> territory.  You seem to be confusing poor implementations with
>> poor concepts.

> Then you get a system where the guards stand by and watch the
> interlopers butcher, harass, mudrape their citizens.  Then you
> have to code special rules to allow the guildmaster to deal with
> players who are an imminent threat.  (After all, what good is
> justice unless it is swift, eh?)  Before you know it, you have one
> really nasty batch of code.  And players will still find holes in
> it.

> If there's one thing I believe strongly in, it's that simple
> systems are the way to go in MMPS.  Attempting to go into too much
> depth will always bite you in the rear, as the sheer number of
> possible interactions of all these systems and how players find to
> screw with them will provide plenty of depth (and coding
> headaches) on their own.

How about this. When a player is labelled an outlaw in a territory,
he is immediately dumped outside said territory. Simple enough and
it solves the gankage issue. If he's dumb enough to go back in then
he gets to die :)

Perhaps there's a flaw here, but its not obvious to me at the

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