[MUD-Dev] [TECH][TOOLS] SCM systems

Erik Bethke erik at taldren.com
Tue Mar 16 04:28:02 CET 2004

From: ceo <ceo at grexengine.com>

> Has anyone tried Vesta? I'd not heard of it until today (someone
> sent me a link from the upcoming CodeCon), but it looks pretty
> good.

In response to this post we went of and did a lot of
investigating...  Vesta did not have enough users for us to feel
comfortable... So instead we are now using:

  Subversion: http://subversion.tigris.org/

It is the long-anticipated wholly-new written answer to CVS.  It has
a nice clean Windows client as well.  Free, open source.

We used source-safe years ago, then moved to Perforce, and we were
happy with it.  But in setting up our Korean studio (where I am
living now) I didn't feel like plunking down another $20k in license

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