[MUD-Dev] DGN NEWS: Master's thesis on quest systems for MMORPGs

William Saar william at saar.se
Wed Mar 31 22:23:59 CEST 2004

I have just gotten final approval on my thesis on quest systems for
MMORPGs. It's available from:

  http://www.saar.se/thesis.php (opens as a PDF-file)

The thesis studies existing solutions and their problems and
documents the development of a quest system for It's Alive Mobile
Games. The background and research chapters (1 and 2) may be of
general interest to anyone dealing with MMORPGs, while the
development chapters may be too specific to It's Alive's conditions.

Comments are welcome!

William Saar

Btw, Richard Bartle's Designing Virtual Worlds was published after
the work was done, in case anyone wonders why I did not reference
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