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Tiago Carita tiago.carita at ydreams.com
Thu Sep 1 12:32:46 CEST 2005

Dhiego Ramos wrote:

> I'm developing a web-based mmog (strategy game) and I wan't to
> know your opinions about the attack system.

> The basic formula of the system is:

>   Sum (all dices rolled by attackers) / number of attackers
>     - Sum(all dices rolled by defenders)/number of defenders.


Well... you are considering that you can only attack if you win

Well in my humble opinion I would not counter Magik with the magic

Lets see for example if your mages cast a Fireball then the attacked
mages will only counter it with spells if they have a spell (dome of
protection, Fire Shield or something)but what if they don't have it?

I would do something more like this:

  Battle begins
  Check witch group is faster, the fastest attack first.
    10 mages  cast Fireball (10 toHit dices)
       - 1 automatic fails, 10's automatic hit
       - The rest are tested against a probability lets see 6+
       - imagine 5 of 10 fireballs Land on the mark
    Do victims have protective spells?
      If strength of the protective spell higher that the attacker
      fireball it evades else goto
      Do victims have protective spells?
        - each fireball have 3 (magik) points of strength so they
        deal 3 pts of damage on target and random distribute another
        3 times 1 point of damage to others around (splash damage)
        (if the mages had 5 magic each fireball would hit for 5 dmg
        and distribute other 5 points randomly)
        - a fireball will hit a target and the target can counter
        part of the damage lets see all mages have a Toughness of 1
        so you subtract from damage 1 point, splash damage cannot be

Surviving Victims will attack when their turn comes up..

It's too complicated??? It seams I was carried away :-P

Tiago Carita
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