[MUD-Dev] DGN: Random questions about griefers

Lydia Leong lwl at black-knight.org
Sat Sep 3 03:42:12 CEST 2005

On Aug 22,  1:04pm, David Johansson wrote:

>> 3) What are some successful (and unsuccessful) ways of uniquely
>> identifying users to prevent griefers? And how well does it work?
>> a) Credit card (as discussed on terra nova)

> Time cards?

The issue of the anonymity of time cards might be somewhat lessened
by requiring users who do not open an account with a credit card
(and thereby pass the name / address / credit card number ban
checking) to be verified with a callback verification service like
Authentify's Authentify|Register.

If you're not familiar with the concept: As part of the registration
process, the user must enter a phone number. The software shows the
user a screen that contains a verification code, and then
immediately automatically calls the user at the provided phone
number; the user responds by entering the verification code on the
phone. The user is also required to supply a name and an address,
and the service runs a check to ensure that the phone number is
registered to the given address.

This means that time card users would have to provide the same level
of identity information as credit card users, including a unique
identity token that can be used as the basis of a
future-account-creation ban.

	-- Lydia
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