[MUD-Dev] Online Alchemy looking for senior programmer candidates

Michael Sellers mike at onlinealchemy.com
Tue Sep 13 16:48:44 CEST 2005

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Senior Programmer: C++, Python, AI

Online Alchemy is looking for a senior programmer to work on our
ground-breaking artificial psychology engine and on our MMOG
project.  This is a full-time employee position offering salary,
equity, and exemplary benefits to the right candidate.


  - work in a dynamic, collaborative startup environment to continue
  development of our proprietary 'believable characters' AI and
  next-generation PC-based MMOG (not a "men in tights" game)

  - lead efforts on or contribute to robust software architecture,
  flexible tools, usable production processes, and fun gameplay

  - work with a small diverse team, communicating and collaborating
  well with others in diverse disciplines

Required Skills and Experience

  - minimum of 3-5 years industrial experience working in C++
  (entry-level candidates will NOT be considered for this position)

  - significant experience in creating and maintaining large
  software architectures

  - ability to work well in a startup environment with a dynamic
  team: lots of opportunity, lots of change

  - desire to innovate quickly and develop ground-breaking products
  from concept to deployment

Preferred Experience (the more the better!)

  - professional or graduate-level AI experience and/or
  understanding of developmental, cognitive, or social psychology

  - shipped at least one commercial title, preferably in games

  - experience with the Python programming language

  - 3D graphics programming

  - MMOG client-server programming

  - MFC and stand-alone tool development

  - leadership and managing technical teams

  - developing on Windows and Linux

The Company

Online Alchemy is a startup company located in Austin, Texas.  We
are focused on our patent-pending next-generation artificial
intelligence/artificial psychology technology and the new forms of
gameplay this enables.  To this end we are working with the US
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and other groups
in the military training and entertainment fields.  We have a
fast-paced collaborative environment and are building a
professional, informal, high-production, high-trust culture.

We offer salary, equity, unequalled professional development, and
strong benefits to our employees.

Online Alchemy is an equal opportunity employer seeking all
qualified candidates.  Women and others under-represented in the
games industry are especially encouraged to apply.

Please send your resume to jobs at onlinealchemy.com; plain-text
preferred, Word docs or PDF accepted as well.
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