[MUD-Dev] [TECH] Multi - Browser plugin framework

Arnau Josep Rosselló Castelló arossello at atmsa.org
Wed Sep 28 13:31:44 CEST 2005

I'm trying to (re)implement one of those old-style turn based games
with a web interface(first seen on BBS, or so they say, because I'm
too young to have seen for myself), but I want to do it in a more
world-ish way.

As a means to that I'd like to embed text, 2d and 3d interactive
widgets(maps,points of view, chat window, etc...), I have looked at
Java but i don't like working on it very much and it's main
advantage for me(no need to install anything) doesn't exist for

Next in my list is Director, but I have previous experience doing
director games and when a server is thrown into the mix, it goes
awful very fast, in terms of code cleanliness.

I've also looked at AJAX briefly, but it looks too limiting and
hackish, it could be useful as a complement to plug-ins(more below),
but it's not enough on its own.

(Also, It would be nicer if i didn't have to learn the whole
Javascript, css, etc thing; I'm wondering if there isn't anything
that let's me construct basic things like changing lines of text
from the server without reloading the page, but abstracting for me
the messy client side?)

I'm looking now at simply making downloadable plugins, Which will
give me 2 or 3 standard output contexts(SDL for 2d input and audio,
Opengl, and text), control over what is cached locally, and the
ability to embed a Python interpreter.

The question now: :P

Does anybody know of a framework that has at least some of the

  - Works on IE and Firefox (old netscape, opera, the MacOS browser
  thing, whose name eludes me, etc... would also be nice)

  - Let's me tie it to SDL so I can have a widget on the page that
  is a SDL 2D or OpenGL context.

  - It's reasonably portable, I'd like to offer a simple installer
  for every plataform.

  - Works in C/C++(so I can easily embed a python interpreter)

Thanks in advance for the help(advice in other directions is good,

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