[MUD-Dev] more classes (Usability and interface and who the hell is suppo)

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Wed Oct 1 20:50:45 CEST 1997

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997 clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:

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>    at 09:44 AM, "Brandon J. Rickman" <ashes at pc4.zennet.com> said:
> >And why does everyone start with a weak character?  In heroic science
> >fiction or fantasy characters start out with some expert skills.  
> A couple basic reasons:
>   It allows MUDs to more easily play off __two__ of the basic plots:
> _Man_Learns_A_Lesson_, and _The_Little_Tailor_ (man goes out, has an
> adventure, comes home and tells about it).
>   It allows the same game to be played repetitively: Each time the
> character can advance differently.
>   The sense of advancement provides attractive goals for players.

I agree on all the above counts, but wanted to add some additional

JCL mentions the sense of advancement - this is especially prominent given
that a number (fair percentage) of games base their long term goals around
character advacements in skills or other direct ways.

It is not as suitable for a game that presents itself more as a 'dynamic
story', whereby characters destinies are to some extent foretold and
expectorised in some fashion - and where the character is already a
distance along their 'life'. Myself, I assume a character to be barely
'come of age' among their people, and as yet to become adventurers.

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