[MUD-Dev] Usability and interface and who the hell is suppo

Todd Lair tlair at mailzone.com
Sat Oct 4 12:38:06 CEST 1997

[On 09/25/97 "Travis Casey" <efindel at polaris.net> said]

>>> I think I've already mentioned my terrible dislike of switching between
>>> mouse and keyboard. ;)

I can whole heartily recommend IBM's Trackpoint II Keyboard.  Your
aversion to the mouse might be appeased with this product.  It does
require that your board supports a PS style mouse and keyboard port (an
adapter for the mouse port will NOT work).  IBM came up with the idea that
many laptops now have adopted; it's the little button in between the 'G',
'H', and 'B' keys.

My hands only leave the keyboard when I have an itch!

tlair at mailzone.com

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