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Tue Oct 7 22:12:15 CEST 1997

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From: Mikal Braun Shaikh <mbshaikh at harper.uchicago.edu>
Subject: New mud release
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 00:32:06 GMT

I am releasing a project I have been working of for a couple of years
now...RippleMud. RippleMud is a mud driver completely different from any
other driver in existence (as far as I know) and it has some very cool and
unique features.  The principle idea of RippleMud is that it has a
flexible programming language (Based on RPL, the HP calculator language)
and yet allows in game creation a la Tiny etc... Anyhow, I call this
version a technology preview mainly because it hasn't been thoroughly
tested (it appears fairly stable though). You can download it at: 


Play with it and see what you think. Thanks!

					-Mikal Shaikh

Note: at the moment I have only compiled it on Solaris and Linux, so you
had better know something about programming before you attempt it on other

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