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>> >Also what about magic in these places?  Even though magic is
>> >commonplace in a mud-world, I'd imagine that a mage casting any spell
>> >will be suspicious in some towns...particularly those that have been
>> >attacked magically in the past...
>> This would seem dependant on how obvious magic-making is in your
>> mdoel.  If you use a Waving Hands type scenario, the process of making
>> magic could be extremely cicumspect:

>Actually, for most spells in my system (there are a few exceptions, where
>I plan on letting the caster keep the casting of spells secret unless
>they are closely observed, because the verbal and somatic components are
>easily hidden.), everyone capable of observing the caster will know that
>something is going on. Whether its the caster jabbering in a strange
>tongue or flailing about wildly, most people (PC & NPC) will recognize
>that a spell is being cast (except for the terminally stupid, who will
>just think the caster is singing/dancing).

Ahh.  My preference has idealised magic making being almost entirely
silent and stationary.  The main requirements are great concentration and
will power, with the physical aspects coming in as minor supporting roles
as aids to the first two.  The intent is for a truly expert mages to be
able to cast any magic without visibly moving a muscle.  More minor mages
will require greater assistance to their concentration via physical
motions, words, and other patterning forms.  Thus the neophyte may dance
and scream and wave his arms to achieve the proper conceptration and form
for a particular magic, a more expert mage may merely stagger a few
similar steps, mutter to himself, and gesture with his hands, and the
trhue expert may do nothing at all to cast the same spell but blink, if

>I guess a band of mages could be compared to UN forces.  If the UN looted
>the town, then the next wave of peacekeepers is going to be dragged out
>into the street and shot, but if they come into the town to help out
>disaster victims, they'll have a parade if they returned when things got
>back to normal.

Should a mage be visibly a mage?

Should mages be something distinct from other character types?

Note: I'm taking a number of large risks here, among which are going for a
high magic world.  High magic changes almost all the rules.

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