[MUD-Dev] Mud governance

Koster Koster
Fri Oct 17 15:18:19 CEST 1997

Hi guys, I'm looking for documents on mud governance and 
administration, and you're the best bunch to ask. Things like the 
section of Javelin's PennMUSH document covering tips for mud admins, 
or Amberyl's Wizard Ethics document (which I haven't been able to 
locate, ftp.tinymush.org never seems to connect). This is for the 
purpose of educating new admin staff... I also intend to salt 'em with 
a few things like Dibbell's Village Voice article, Bartle's paper, and 
the log of the Black Rose incident (as a negative example). Got any 
other favorites?

ObDiscussionTopic: to what extent should mud governance be an issue in 
server design? And related to that, what then needs to be implicit in 
the server design to support governance by an administrative staff?


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