[MUD-Dev] JOB: Project manager and scaling/networking guru needed for game project

J C Lawrence claw at under.engr.sgi.com
Thu Nov 12 10:29:47 CET 1998

The following is a little circumspect in its writing, for which I
apologise, but there is a confidence involved.  

A large gaming company (you probably own one of their boxes) has a
position in the San Francisco Bay area for someone to help them get
a massively multiplayer game server thru the last stages of the
development cycle.  (Yes, its the same people as last time).  The
project is in fairly good shape, but they need someone very good to
wade in as both a project manager and a technical lead.  Personnel
management sounds like its going to almost be as important as
technical skills: they need a leader to head the charge and keep
everybody concentrated on the goal.

Requirements: Must be past master expert in: Networking, distributed
systems and scaling.  Need to know extremely wells: Optimisation and
multi-threading.  Better know well: Unix/Solaris.  All the rest is
pretty standard stuff: multiple server synchronisation, TCP/IP,
C/C++, Internet, etc.

They are willing to pay well, and they need someone last week.  I
don't know if they have the time for visa questions, but its worth
asking and they may be able to fast track something.

As always, please do NOT reply to the list.  Please reply to me
directly at coder at kanga.nu with your phone numbers and I'll follow
up from there.

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