[MUD-Dev] ScryMUD 1.8.11 released.

Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Mon Apr 12 05:27:04 CEST 1999

April 11, 1999: Finally found a machine running BSD that can compile it!
(It takes more than 32MB of RAM, and my mud account is (u)limited.) New
additions include some snazzy Hegemon updates (including better color
choices and fonts.) Cleaned up some things that were bothering me. Also
added some bar-graphs to keep track of your HP, MANA, and MOV. 

ScryMUD got Object procs (which should enable traps and other cool
with a little more work.) Don't remember what else I added, but the
is now 2MB bigger at 16MB when compiled w/debugging on BSD (yeesh!). 

I did much coding today, so it should be obvious that it may not be
stable quite yet :)  Haven't tested the install/compilation like
I promised someone...I'll try to do that soon!!  Trust that it can
be made to compile on both RH 5.2 and BSD with only minor tweaks
to the MakeInclude file.

Please see my web page for more information, or stop by Scry and take
a peek for yourself! (See .sig).

Ben Greear (greear at cyberhighway.net)  http://www.primenet.com/~greear 
Author of ScryMUD:  mud.primenet.com 4444        (Released under GPL)

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