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Sat Apr 17 18:15:04 CEST 1999

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>  - Any change can be made without taking the mud down, and takes effect
>    immediately.  If necessary, it can also be instantly undone.  A well-
>    run mud doesn't have to reboot.  This is particularly interesting
>    for commercial muds, where downtime means loss of revenue and/or
>    customer dissatisfaction.

I was wondering what the general consensus on "not having to reboot" meant
to the list.  Obviously, if the power goes off to the system the MUD is on,
the MUD will have to reboot.  What must be supported on-the-fly for a MUD to
be considered rebootless?

Also, for those of us who are slowly cranking on our own code, what features
are the most important to be able to do while the server is running?

For example, adding, modifying etc. rooms in the game world.  Or fiddling
with item stats (like base damage for generic longswords, or whatever).

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