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> Even though we currently do check for term type for output, we
> mostly do this for the maps. I hadn't considered doing it for all
> output, but this is a good idea. Thanks Chris.

While not use a terminal independent library (the many variations of
curses come to mind, don't know what's available for Java) for your
terminal handling and thus let the user use whatever he likes for a
terminal type?

> I am somewhat hesitant to replace text with voice, mainly because
> most players like to log their sessions. If text information was
> replaced with sound, would this still be possible?

You'd have to log the sound -- the interface problem is that sound
is not (easily) searchable/indexable/generically_processable.

> Basically, write a class Player, which would contain the
> player_data structure and have procedures that would call any
> relevant functions. Has anyone done this?  

Have a look at MUD++ and ColdX's object heirarchy.

> Do you think it would be wortwhile to do?

As a general case: yes, tho its massively dependent on your game
design and what you are going to require programmatically of your
internal interfaces.  In the more specific case its still worthwhile 
as it near forces you to examine your basic object heirarchy and
their relationships.  

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