[MUD-Dev] Sockets

Quzah Quzah
Wed Apr 21 03:54:14 CEST 1999

Hello all. It's been a while since I posted, but I thought I'd go
ahead and bug you all again.

I'm trying my hand at sockets, and while I'm not too sure of myself
I have a bunch of web pages to look at and an interesting .ps file
to look at. That being said, I would have looked in the archives
for some information on it, but I can't seem to get to kanga.nu at
all. Did the archives move when I wasn't paying attention?

At any rate, if this is the wrong place to ask, and some one feels
like helping me anyway, you can email me if you like. Ok so here

What is the main difference between and benifit of using:

(1) asynchronous notification
(2) versus non-blocking
(3) using select

At any rate that's how the .ps file describes the three variations,
and I'll be the first to say I for the most part don't grasp all that
is going on with these methods. My first quick attempt, which was
pretty much a modified copy of something I saw some web page some
place, would be great if I was making a bbs style door game.

However, since I want more than 1 person on at a time... ;) It
even accepts more than one connection, but the other folk can't do
anything while the first person is connected. (I need to make it
non blocking I think, but it's late and let's hope I can get it a
bit better when I'm fully awake.)

Anyway, I was wondering if some one could explain the advantages
between the three (assuming I have the types correct) or which is
the simplest to implement/learn so I have a place to start. It
does wonders for the self esteem to actually see something work :)

I'm rambling, so I'll cut this short(er). If this is the incorrect
place to ask, please forgive the intrusion; but if you still feel
like explaining a bit to me, feel free to email me.



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