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Hofbauer Heinz Heinz.Hofbauer at Funworld.at
Fri Apr 30 09:32:27 CEST 1999

30 Apr 1999, Matt wrote:

>I'm not a fan of censorship, but freedom of speech issues don't come into
>play here in legal terms. Just as in my house I can toss you out for
>whatever I want, in my game, I can toss you out for whatever I want, or
>gag you in whatever way I want. Players don't own their characters, the
>owners of the game do, and whatever they choose to do to that character is
>up to them (I'm speaking of free games here. A pay game would probably be
>considered a bit differently in terms of character ownership, but not in
>terms of the freedom of speech issue).

I really dislike this approach.

How this is handled in my fav mud (Legend of the Darkstone):
When a player starts to be anoying (be it by overusing dirty words or 
repeating a question over and over again (where it is obvious he
won't get an answer)) the other  players tell him to shut up, if
he continues most probably he get's killed, or the imms tell him
to shut up, if he still continues, he get's kicked(never happened
up to now) and if he still continues ( after reconnecting ) he
gets banned( up to now we never went even close to that).
The worst player stoped when the imms told him too.

I however don't like censorship, and would really dislike it when it
happens on any mud.
IMHO the using of shit or damn is not really the problem, the overuse
of such words is though.

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