[MUD-Dev] Monthly FAQ Posting

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Wed Aug 18 00:09:28 CEST 1999

Ling Lo wrote:
>   Aturion Dynasty: <URL:http://aturion.com:4444>
>     Almost all the muds done by Owen Emlen have interesting design
>     features to them too. [Raph K]
>     [See also EmlenMud II]

BTW: Anyone know what happened to EmlenMUD II? The page where it was
previously distributed went away. Was he unsatisfied with how it was
going, or was it a non-compete issue (last I heard, he'd gone to work
for MS, hadn't he)?

>   Duris: <URL:telnet://duris.org:6666>
>     A pk mud with economy?! [Down? Jul 1998]

Duris is back, at the same address. Of note, it's now a three-sided
fight, with different difficulty levels on each side.

>   EmlenMud II: <URL:http://degu.cs.indiana.edu:6669/em2.html>
>     Looks like Owen Emlen is in the process of making a new mud.

This page is dead. The server had a number of interesting new
developments relative to the old Diku/Nimud-based driver, although Orin
hadn't yet learned to use the C++ features very elegantly.

>   LegendMUD: <URL:telnet://mud.aus.sig.net:9999>
>     The first classless mud, strange diku/LP hybrid.  See Raph
>     Koster's bio.

Didn't stock LPmud mudlibs distributed with 2.4.5 and earlier lack any

>   Medievia: <URL:telnet://medievia.intersphere.com:4000>
>     The most popular free gaming mud I know of. Pioneered the use of
>     things like in-game spam ads for themselves and lack of due credit
>     given for code (:P) but also has things like ASCII map terrain,
>     large algorithmically generated areas, etc. [Raph K]

The real disappoint for me is that they try a lot of ambitious things
and never do any of them with much depth or finesse.

>   Mortal Conquest: <URL:telnet://>
>     That game I can't remember with the whities and the darkies. [JCL]
>     By Own Emlen. [Down, 1st March]

Orin (Owen Emlen) was one of the key figures there, but the admins
subsequently split up... Orin called his version Midpoint Void and it
later became the basis of the EmlenMUD server. Kingdoms at War
(developed by a couple of MC alums using MC code) had some interesting
plans and new features, but never opened, AFAIK.
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