[MUD-Dev] Monthly FAQ Posting

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Fri Aug 20 19:35:15 CEST 1999

Ling Lo wrote:
> Yes it did (having written a mudlib using 2.4.5 as a springboard).
> However, I'd argue that most admins attempting something with 2.4.5 don't
> see the lack of classes as a feature and then proceed to code in guilds.

This is true... and much regretted on some of those muds. I've been
wishing for years that the original Ancient Anguish wizzes had thought
to build a skill system rather than classes when they started out. Now
the users are begging for a multiclassing kludge, which likely won't
happen unless somebody incredibly industrious happens along and reworks
a signficant amount of mudlib code.

> If the base diku server was supplied with no classes, I suspect the same
> would have happened.

Probably so--but then a lot of bad (or just odd) things have happened in
Diku servers. :)

Something else you might want to add to the FAQ would be Lands of Chaos.
It seems to be the only EmlenMUD currently experiencing any active
development. It's at loc.inetsolve.com 3333, and includes the beginnings
of player-managed resources and object construction.
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