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Koster Koster
Tue Aug 24 21:37:50 CEST 1999

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> "Koster, Raph" wrote:
> > You would still need a certain critical mass, of course. 
> But players trade
> > given the slightest provocation (notice the popularity of dedicated
> > "auction" channels).
> I don't know.  My experience is that they tend to trade junk 

One man's coal is another man's diamond...

> or abuse the
> auction mechanism to act like the ACME Mail Order company that Wiley E
> Coyote is so fond of.  One guy says they want something, another guy
> buys it and puts it up for auction, the first guys has to win the 
> bidding and the auction mechanism will magically deliver the item to him, 
> no matter where he is in the mud.

Don't see what's wrong with that either. If that is not what is desired for
the economy, then don't have the code magically deliver it. In terms of
economic transaction, it's clearly something so easy to do that there is no
associated cost with it--if there were, you'd likely see people doing it for
a premium.

> Most of the times that I've got serious (useful) equipment from other
> players it has been because they were trying to recruit allies and
> trusted players (this is on a PKill mud).

That is also an economic transaction. :)


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