[MUD-Dev] AI's in MUDS and Online Gaming

IronWolf ironwolf at ewa.net
Wed Dec 8 21:40:51 CET 1999

Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> I'm no expert, and barely even a novice, at AI, but keep in mind that in a
> one-player game, you really only have to worry about mobiles around the
> person playing the game. That's a very limited set of mobiles. AI is, as
> has been noted many times, extremely processor intensive, especially when
> you are talking about thousands of mobiles in a game. That fact is, as far
> as I can tell from my own experience, the single biggest limiting factor
> in making more interesting mobiles
> --matt

Very good point, thanks for bringing me back down to Earth on that one. 
Computers do get faster though, the only serious limit is the telecommunication
speed. Plus there's the question of how many mobiles you really need. Myself, I
would prefer a game where there were fewer mobiles, but the ones there were
extremely detailed, as opposed to a mass of simplistic ones. (Or a combination
works as well.) My plan (loosely sketched) was to try and create a text form of
the game I had in mind to test out the basic theories in pratice, have others
play in it, sort of beta-test the theories. How long it will take me to reach
that stage I have no idea. I don't have a lot of experience in this myself,
truthfully, but I've found it's pretty nice to start with the ideals... then
submit yourself to the dreadful necessities of reality at a later stage. *sigh* 


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