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Dundee SkeptAck at antisocial.com
Thu Dec 16 05:35:12 CET 1999

From: J C Lawrence <claw at kanga.nu>
>Quite.  The problem with most attempted solutions for the hoarder is
>that they are out-of-game (eg rent) and are therefore not
>susceptible to -in-game amnipulation.  UOL is rather unusual this
>regard in placing them in-game (houses) which raises the possibility
>(guarantee in UOL's case) of other's being able to discover/raid the

They've really fixed that, or are real close to fixing that, as they could
have from the start.  The home is tagged as Owned By X and if you aren't X,
then you can't access the containers in the home.  When they allowed storing
more stuff outside of the "secure containers" (which was a bad idea anyway,
since it meant people stacked absolute crap floor-to-ceiling), then all that
extra junk could be accessed, but as I understand it they've finally gotten
round to making all the extra junk decay if it is over the item-limit for a
particular house (i.e., not in one of the secure containers, which only the
home owner can access).

> Its rather sad that UOL's limited world size and population
>density simply prevent hiding of objects in obscure locations.

Yah, I think they still have a population problem.  On the other hand, I
know about 20 people that WOULD quit playing except for the fact they own so
much property in-game, which is worth real cash money since there isn't
enough of it to accomodate the number of players,and they just refuse to
give it up even though they don't even want to play any more.  I can't
decide if that's "sad" or if it makes OSI laugh their heads off.

>> Is anybody running or planning on an adventure game that allows
>> characters all sorts of options in hiding their loot?  Like
>> vaults, treasure chests, buried, pirate ships, etc.

We have all the functionality we'd need to let people bury their loot and
have a map to the location, and use the map to "dig up" the treasure so that
it's actually they key to accessing the storage location... but mostly
people just hoard stuff in their homes so that it's accessible and I don't
know that anyone would make use of other options.  People with houses hardly
even use their bankboxes, just because it's more convenient to stack stuff
at home.

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