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> Or you could get really nasty and use the experiental based
> scaling for perceived stats I proposed a while back.

I've been asked to follow up on what this is.  The thread rooted
(actually it bridges into the prior quarter) at:


discusses the area, with the follwing discussing what I do:


A quick quote from the above with the rest of the post and thread,
and previous threads discussing the area at greater depth:

I report statistics relatively, both for yourself (ie your
character), and for the other characters you query.  Loosely, any
statistic is relative to a weighted average of all the other
instances of that statistic you have met in the recent past, with a
heavier weight given to exceptional values in the more distant past.
The cannonical joke of which is:

  > stats
  Strength: 150
  > l
  Bubba picks up a huge boulder with one hand and crushes it to 
  sand on his head.
  > stats
  Strength: 25
  > l
  A leaf flutters off the tree above and smashes Boffo to the ground.
  Boffo is stuck under the leaf and can't move.
  > stats
  Strength: 65

Nothing changed except for his perception of strength.

The attempt is to model a form of self-image as weighted against
perception.  Most delightfully stat reports react to illusions as if
they were real.  The leaf above may well have been illusory, or Boffo
may well have been play-acting to purposefully delude your

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