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Welcome to the MUD-Dev at kanga.nu mailing list! The MUD Development list
is not platform, language or game specific, but concentrates on
discussing the design and implementation of any and all MUD servers
and systems.  Another large related topic is game design. This does
not mean that the details of a specific server or game design point
can't be discussed in excruciating detail, or even that server or game
source can't be bandied about and picked over, just that the list
isn't to become a religious stomping ground for your platform,
language, server, or hobby horse of choice.  The topic definition is
not limited to technical areas: social engineering, cultural
considerations, applicability of technical addresses to "soft"
problems, and other less rigorous avenues of investigation are also
fair game.

The goal is high signal, low noise.  The MUD Design list is NOT an
email version of the rec.games.mud.* newsgroups.

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