[MUD-Dev] IMPORTANT ADMIN: New list setup requires your attention

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Wed Feb 17 16:26:29 CET 1999

Writing as list owner:

  By now you should have all received a confirmation that you have
been re-subscribed to the MUD-Dev list.  Yes, we have moved to a new
list server -- hopefully the one we will be staying with from here
out.  This will be the first message sent under the new configuration.

  As part of the confirmation message you will have been assigned a
password and given a URL where you can check your account
configuration with the list server.  If you have not received your
confirmation message you can vist


and plug in your subscription address at the bottom to have the server
send you your password.

  Please check all your subscription addresses and their
configurations and change your passwords (they're mostly random) to
something more memorable to you.  If you are not sure what your
subscription address is please drop an email to mud-dev-owner at kanga.nu
and I'll see what I can dig up for you.

  Unfortunately if you are subscribed from multiple addresses you will
receive a separate ack message (and password) for each address.
Please check every one that applies to you.

  I've attempted to ensure that everyone previously receiving the
digest version of the list is still receiving the digest version, and
that those on nomail are still on nomail, but I may have missed some.
If so, I apologise.  Again, please check your account configurations.

  Be warned that bounce management is now enforced.  If your address
is bouncing and stays bouncing for a while, it will be unsubscribed.

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