[MUD-Dev] Re: pet peeves

Neerenberg Neerenberg
Fri Feb 19 13:13:51 CET 1999

> On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Mathew Mihaly wrote:
> That depends. You don't see people getting slaughtered left 
> and right by
> their fellow man irl because there are significant and serious
> consequences. If the consequence of murdering someone was 
> that you might
> then be tracked down and slain by NPC guards, you might think 
> twice about
> slaughtering people just for the hell of it.
> --matt

True.  On the other hand, this runs us into another quandary, in that,
although we would want the guards to be tough enough to deter most people,
we still do not want to deter everyone, as this woudld discourage rp.
However, if you later have some hi-level who is able to overcome the guards
say "hell w/ it", and go and kill off all your newly vulnerable pc's
(effectively, killing off a generation), it would make a very big setback to
your population.



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