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>There is also a fairly large set of 'trigger' attributes that the server
>may call when certain actions are performed.  For example 3 attributes
>related exit are 'exit', 'oexit', and 'aexit', which are used to describe
>the messages that are shown when a player or object uses that exit.

Actually, the attributes on the exit related to movement are:
'succ' (shown to the user), 'osucc' (shown to other people in
the source location), 'asucc' (executed after user moves),
'drop' (shown to the user), 'odrop' (shown to other people in
the target location), and 'adrop' (also executed after the user

There are no special attributes with an 'exit' root in standard

The general form is a family of attributes named 'foo', 'ofoo',
'afoo', and 'oxfoo', which are respectively shown to the user,
shown to other people in the original location of the user,
executed after the action completes, and shown to other people
in the final location of the user.  Note that the 'oxfoo'
addition to the family postdates basic exit semantics, and
thus is not used for such.

- Alex (trying to preserve accuracy)

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