[MUD-Dev] ADMIN: Kanga.Nu outage and other news -- please read

J C Lawrence claw at varesearch.com
Wed Mar 10 14:38:20 CET 1999

Writing as list owner:

  Kanga.Nu is going to move again, but this time to a new location
with almost two orders of magnitude increase in bandwidth.  The
scheduled move date is 27 Mar 1999, but some interruptions in
service will likely start occurring around the 25'th as I prep for
the move.

  Kanga.Nu will also be changing IP addresses as part the move,
meaning that much of the world will not be able to resolve Kanga.Nu
for a while, at least until their name servers refresh from the new
DNS entries (no more than 48 hours).

  Probably starting tomorrow (pending final confirmation of
nameserver transfer to somebody who actually knows how to do it),
I'll also be open to subdomaining Kanga.Nu (eg
<your_project>.kanga.nu) and providing hosting services (web, FTP,
CVS, and in a very limited number of cases, server hosting) for
GPL-friendly projects that tickle my personal fancy.  Decent
hardware for such hosting is /not/ a problem.  Such hosting can
actually start before the move and would not be affected by
Kanga.Nu's move as it would be hosted on different boxes that
already have bandwidth.

   Those watching my From: address will have noted that I am no
longer with SGI.  More interestingly I am now Linux/Merced, or in
politically correct form, Linux/IA64.  I have been charged with
getting Linux ported to Merced/IA64: kernel, libraries, general
sources, the whole nine yards and kit and caboodle.  I'm, uhh, it.
I get to try and roleplay being Linus Torvalds IRL.

  Thus my recent silence -- I'm kinda busy.  Its also likely that my
time will remain spotty.  I will continue to monitor the list, but
my posting level is going to (and has) suffered.  Sorry about that.

  Sorry, I will not be able to talk about anything concerning
Merced/IA64.  Intel has expensive competent hungry lawyers and I
have an NDA.

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