[MUD-Dev] How to support 1000+ simultaneous connections, and some philosophy.

Oliver Jowett icecube at ihug.co.nz
Thu Mar 11 17:27:12 CET 1999

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Chris Gray wrote:

> [Petri Virkkula:]
>  >	I would probably go for multiple IP-addresses and multiple
>  >	accepting servers. For example, hostname mud.dom.ain might
>  >	have addresses and ten processes,
>  >	each of them listening only single address, not INADDR_ANY. I
>  >	don't know how well this scheme would work though.
> The problem with that is that then the clients have to connect to one
> of those 10 ports. You might manage that if you have a special client
> that has a decent algorithm to balance the use, but if you rely on
> humans to do it, it won't work - most will use the first one all the
> time. There isn't any way to know which port is the least busy.

What about using round-robin DNS (multiple A records for the same
hostname)? It's using the same port, just on different IPs that all happen
to be on the same machine.

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