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Fri Mar 12 08:22:57 CET 1999

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> Oh just set up a beta test server.  Bah now you have two muds in
> reality.  Seems sketchy to use a beta mud to test balancing issues and
> tweaking.  The thing here is that while a beta mud is really 
> awesome for
> allowing a wide range of testing and balance issues you will end up
> making a small tweak and then having to run the beta mud for 
> a while and
> monitor before you place them in to the world.   Seems 
> sketchy to me at
> some level,

Oddly enough, one helpful approach is to run players yourself and become
friends with the players who seem to be utilizing the tricks in the game.
If you can gain their trust (usually by not letting them know that you are
an admin), then sometimes they will open up and tell you some tricks to get
ahead.  Given that most tricks tend to be areas where the game is a bit

Then again, this approach will usually only help you find areas where things
are biased in the players direction.  If you have, for example, a class
which is unbalanced with an anti-player bias, more than likely the only way
to discover this would be to notice that noone tends to run that class. 

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