[MUD-Dev] Balancing a Mud

Martin C Sweitzer msew+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Mar 12 20:04:35 CET 1999

Excerpts from mud-dev: 12-Mar-99 Re: [MUD-Dev] Balancing a Mud by Mik
Clarke at ibm.net 
> level.  It means that if the power of the players change, I just have
to tweek
> a few formulas in create_mob and the monsters are back on a par with the
> players.

right but how do you actually know that what you are tweaking is going
to have the desired effect?

Are you just tweaking and then watching the game and then tweaking again
and repeating this process?

which players are you watching?

the players that have have been on the mud for a long time are a
different case than those that are new.  Tweak for the old skool players
and you screw over the new ones.

Tweak for the new ones and you have this set of long time players on the
mud all at maxLevel in like 14 days playing time.


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