[MUD-Dev] Naming and Directories?

Mik Clarke mikclrk at ibm.net
Sat Mar 13 23:48:29 CET 1999

Chris Gray wrote:

> [Mark Gritter:]
>  >In MUDs I'm familiar with, directories seem to be done in a very ad-hoc
>  >fashion.  Objects may have no name associated with them at all, or a
>  >name can be discovered only by exhaustive search.
>  >
>  >Dikus are a partiularly bad example here.  Doing a "tell" may involve
>  >scanning the entire list of online players.  Objects (I mean driver-level
>  >objects including mobs and items) are named only by their location in memory;
>  >object prototypes have essentially meaningless integer IDs.

Not a reply to Chris, but to the original, which seems to have escaped me.

Given a task of sending a message to a specific player, when that player could be
located anywhere within the mud, how do you propose to do it faster than by running
the list of all connected players?  Sure, a binary index by name might help, but I
suspect you'd have trouble seeing the saving...


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