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>Benjamin D. Wiechel wrote:
>> Today, the arrogance of mud and/or game admins seems to
>> be quite striking, that they would turn away conversation
>> so quickly and easily, without thought or concern that this
>> person could be a valuable resource -- simply because they
>> either are a newbie, or lacked the tact to be able to seduce
>> your interest appropriately.
>Being a Coder, an implementor or a builder is a position of
>responsability and power.  I would far prefer to give it to someone who
>has already demonstrated a commitment to the mud.  Someone who has a
>stake in the game and would not want to spoil it.  Someone I've had time
>enough to know tha they will not go powertripping or start messing
>things up.  A mud represents a lot of hard work by a lot of people and
>those people should be the ones to enjoy the rewards this brings.  Would
>you give the keys to your house to someone who just walking in off the
>street and said they wanted to redecorate it and make a few little
>structural changes?

The difference is, the part that I found rather arrogant was not the not
granting of powers, but rather, the arrogance of not even being willing
to talk with the person, simply because they logged on as a newbie and
identified themselves as a fellow coder/admin.  I would not hand out the
keys without getting to know the person, but I think it a sore loss to not
take the time to even converse with them for the reason that they didn't
fit your specific protocol for saying hello.


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