[MUD-Dev] Re: pet peeves

Petri Virkkula pvirkkul at iki.fi
Wed Mar 17 08:18:43 CET 1999

>>>>> "Benjamin" == Benjamin D Wiechel <strycher at toast.net> writes:

Benjamin> The difference is, the part that I found rather arrogant was
Benjamin> not the not granting of powers, but rather, the arrogance of
Benjamin> not even being willing to talk with the person, simply
Benjamin> because they logged on as a newbie and identified themselves
Benjamin> as a fellow coder/admin.  I would not hand out the keys
Benjamin> without getting to know the person, but I think it a sore
Benjamin> loss to not take the time to even converse with them for the
Benjamin> reason that they didn't fit your specific protocol for
Benjamin> saying hello.

	Many players have asked me to grant them wizhood. Usually
	those players have been either guests or characters that were
	created less than 5 days ago. After I have explained that we
	require all wizards to play to their wizhood, or have playing
	background in our mud (not just in any other mud), they ask me
	to make an exception because they have lots of experience from
	other muds.

	Their requests are usully spoiled when they ask if we are
	using ROM or Circle as our codebase (our mud is using lpmud
	codebase). That shows clearly their level of knowledge,
	especially how much they know about our mud.

	Perhaps I am arrogant when I start to ignore players when they
	continue insisting that I should make an exception to our
	rules. From my point of view such players are more arrogant
	when they do not know our codebase.

	Never any knowledgeable "fellow coder/admin" has asked to get
	wizhood without playing. First of all, such persons do not
	have time to play much, and more importantly they are already
	busy in their own muds.

	Atleast in our mud you have no chance at all to get wizhood if
	you come just nowhere and claim that you have the knowledge
	and are already admin in dozen muds. But atleast I have always
	explained why we have such rules, but too often the response
	has been whining and bitching.


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