[MUD-Dev] Mass Creation OLC Functions (idea from Elder Games)

Nathan F Yospe yospe at hawaii.edu
Sat Mar 20 15:26:45 CET 1999

On Sat, 20 Mar 1999, Ola Fosheim [iso-8859-1] Gr=F8stad wrote:

:Nathan F Yospe wrote:
:> take forever now... I will probably port it out of Java soon. Can anyone
:> recommend a good cross-platform C++ GUI API? Unix, Win32, (maybe) MacOS.

:Did you really mean GUI or did you mean gameAPI?  Commercial or gratis?
:I've seen several free portable gameAPIs, but they are not done yet.

:(Whaddya mean Unix, text? X-windows is Not Unix) Oh, I think I saw a
:OpenGL GUI some time back... That would be portable, kindof.

Unix =3D X with tested functionality on IRIX, SunOS, Solaris, and Linux. I
could do it myself, for exactly what I need (And I do have compatability=20
classes for C++ threads, basic OS GUIs, and sockets/OT) but if there's a
good version already out there, I would have prefered to save time. I've
taken a good look at ACE for some DB elements, but it wasn't quite right
for what I'm doing.

:But: I don't know any clean C++ GUIs. Period. Portable or not. Some
:people like www.troll.no, but I dunno...

I'll take a look...

:The "available C++ libraries FAQ" is usually your best bet for these
:kinds of things...
:(I am offline so this link my be extinct)

Ah, that's where it is these days. My address for it had expired.

:Promising C++ crossplatform GUI libraries have this nasty habit of having
:maintainers that don't follow up at the pace you want them to... Dat
:sux!!! Interviews being one of many, methinks. I wouldn't reccomend this
:path, if past history is an indicator of the future. One thing is a
:vector-library and similar non-critical commodities, but another thing is
:a library that engulfs and penetrates your code.

:Maybe you should just make some effort in separating functionality from
:presentation, and use the best GUI available on your development
:platform? You can patch up things with virtual functions if you do it
:"right". And you don't risk putting your project's life on a sinking
:ship. Just don't assume the availability of anything that awt doesn't do.

The problem is porting. I do a lot of work in that direction, and have a
habit of maximum abstraction until the last possible moment, which makes
for easier work in the porting department, but...

:What are you going to have in that GUI anyways?  I personally don't like
:the rectangular GUIs that proliferate, does estethics matter to you at
:all? :)

I want it to fit the OS. Period. Beyond that... Multiple windows with the
presense of a means of grouping the client's windows... on the mac, their
process parenthood (even under OS X) lends them that... on Windows, it is
that annoying parent window. Under X, it isn't as easy.

:Are you sure that the most recent Java implementations are too slow? Or
:that tweaking the code would be insufficient? What makes it too slow?

Minimally. Too many native function calls, which seem to have almost the
same effect (in terms of overhead) as the original compiled Java... This
is to accomodate the liberal use of NNs.

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