[MUD-Dev] Re: online economy behavior (was: Self-organizing worlds)

Christopher Allen gmfangs at asmrb.org
Tue Mar 23 18:07:51 CET 1999

At 04:05 PM 3/23/99 , Adam Wiggins wrote:
>Or, in a nutshell - there are few luxuries to be purchased in most fantasy
>One doesn't have to look much further than one's own life to see this in
>action.  For example, I go out almost every day to a nice lunch.  It
>makes a good break in the work day.  I usually eat a $6 - $10 entree and
>drink two or three Guiness.  On average that's $8 + ($4 per pint * 2.5) plus
>tip, or about $20 per day just for that one meal.  Five days a week
>times four weeks in a month makes it $400 a month I'm spending *just* on
>Most of my mud characters "feast" on pipeweed bread and barrels of water
>taken from a public fountain.  (The one exception being when I ran with
>the Tarsis Shriners, a clan on Arctic MUD who ate only Tarsis smoked hams.
>I was willing to pay a price premium for the hams in the name of clan pride.)
>Obviously there's quite a difference there.  I'm sure one could think of many
>examples beyond just food - clothing, entertainment, and even simple personal
>comfort (running the heater at night).

How about if NPCs react differently to you if you only dress 'lower class'?
How about if eating good food not only makes you less hungry but also earns
you savoir faire? How about good clothes not wearing out as fast? There
should be some fun ways to deal with some of these type of things if you
think carefully about them.
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