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Sat Dec 2 04:10:48 CET 2000

<<EdNote: What have the DIKU license holders said publicly about this if

	One of my IMC Network MUD owner's have brought up alot of ideas to
me about how to go apon a lawsuit against Medievia for breaking the
license.  I am aware that money is an issue, but what else is stopping it
from moving forward?

	I found out recently there are alot of people willing to spend
money to help get a lawyer to sue Medievia.  Alot of former Medievia
players are willing to spend money they would usually spend at Medievia to
sue.  That is right, they want to gather all they can, package it up, ship
it to Hans and let Hans go wild on Vryce's bum.

	So enlighten me on the other obsticles, thanks!

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