[MUD-Dev] \"An essay on d00dism and the MMORPG\"

Justin Rogers justin at mlstoday.com
Sat Dec 2 04:04:29 CET 2000

> Storing an extra data item per person you choose to label?  It'll
> increase it
> somewhat, but firstly I'm guessing most people won't bother
> naming most other
> people - they'll remember the ones that are important to them,
> think maybe 30
> or 40 people, up to about a hundred at max.  Second, the storage
> is only on
> your char for the people you choose to remember, not across every
> object in
> existance.  Thirdly, if you want features, you pay for 'em, one
> way or another
> - personally, I think this is a very cute feature that'd add a
> very different
> flavour to a mud, thus it's probably worth the cost.  If you were really
> concerned, you could start timing out memories - haven't seen them for a
> while?  Not gonna keep recording their name.  Tie that back to
> intelligence/
> whatever stat... ;)

Similar syntax can be used to allow players to alias commands and allow for
a command parsing interpreter that translates user commands.  This can be
handled on the client, but works well on the server so the user can change
clients or locations and still maintain their aliases.  It also adds to
role-play ability:

Example 1:

<prompt> alias "Where art though %1?" "who %1"

<prompt> Where art though Romeo?
  [ Romeo ] [ Level 13 ] [ King's Quarters ]

Something of that nature.  allowing players to tie arbitrary strings to
mud commands.  These can get stored on the user's save state as well.  Makes
fun game play too.  Is it expensive?  Of course.  Its all a matter of
how many commands per time slice you'll be processing, and how complicated
make the aliasing command.

Another option would be the following:

<prompt> How much money do I have?{Enter}
  [ Not an internal or user command, Would you like to map this command?
(y/n) ]
<prompt> y{Enter}
  [ Please Enter parse string ]
<prompt> How much money do I have?{Enter}
  [ Please Enter command string ]
<prompt> gold{Enter}

All kinds of options.

Justin Rogers

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