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MichelleThompson m.a.thompson at mindspring.com
Sat Feb 12 13:30:27 CET 2000

I am not sure if this is the proper forum for this, but it is related to mud
development, so here goes.

I have been doing a lot of searches on MUD and building  since I undertook
reconstructing the Art of Building ( http:\\www.artofbuilding.eqsdeisgns.com ).

I have found several MUD building pages that have good information on
building. I am seriously considering having a resource page that links to      
specific mud building pages sorted by codebase. Style is important, yes, but
style means nothing if a person can not actually build the area. If you would
like your mud to have such a link, I will need the following from you: a url
for the building pages, what codebase you use, what method of editing
you use, and how far that method is from the standard.

Each page that has a link will have a minimum of a good step-by-step tutorial
on how to build on your mud. Additional things that would be nice, tips on
style and planning, guides to writing spec_progs, mob_progs, DG Scripts, etc on
your mud.

Although I still consider style and planning one of the most important
aspects of building, I am striving to make The Art of Building a well rounded
site that perhaps in itself does not touch on all aspects of building (not yet
anyways, give me a few years for that ;), but will at least lead a builder to
where they can get the information.

If your mud site has good technical information on how to build, please email
me the site's information.

Thank you.
Michelle Thompson

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