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ATTENTION: Game Programmers

I am looking for a capable person or group of people with strong
3d/game programming skills that would be interested in collaborating
on a gaming project.  Ideally you are highly interested in gaming,
have a background in programming, and are able and interested in
devoting a serious amount of time to such a project (ideal for
advanced or end-year students who are beginning a final project of
their own choice; or any independantly rich programmers with enough
time to invest!).

I am an experienced 3d artist currently beginning further study in a
one year intensive 3D and Digital Effects program.  I have a large
amount of time to work with, plenty of resources, and stong
connections to other artists in 3d and otherwise (in the interest of
forming a strong art team).  I have basic progamming knowledge
(from university), love game design, and I am looking for my
equivelant on the programming side of things to collaborate with.  I
am (and ideally so are you) open-minded and flexible, and have
lots of great ideas to pursue.

My main gaming interests lie in strategy, with a strong emphasis on
3d worlds in real time, but I am open to systems of all kinds.  My
most recent design pursuits have been stongly related to castles,
so if your interested in the medieval or fortress building, then
even better!  I am located in Vancouver, British Columbia, but
location shouldn't be too strong a barrier.

 If you or anyone you know might be interested in such a project,
contact me at:

tylerh33 at hotmail.com
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