[MUD-Dev] Newbies

David Bennett ddt at discworld.imaginary.com
Tue Feb 22 15:05:49 CET 2000

On 2/22/00, at 10:54 PM, Johan J Ingles-le Nobel wrote: 

>When complete newbies log onto my mud, players are not as helpful as I
>for a variety of reasons. That might be that they find themselves
>the same old questions, they're busy in a pk melee, they're unwilling to
>invest hours in helping/teaching someone who might leave, or whatever - so
>if I might prod your collective wisdom...

We have a newbie channel and a set of people who are designated as newbie
helpers (who can talk on it).  So we control people's access to it and only
allow people who are actually helpful to use the channel.  This solves the
problem in most cases (or appears to anyway).  We also stop people chatting
on the channel so it is only used for actual questions and answers.

Good luck!

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