[MUD-Dev] Next gen MUD wishlist

adam at treyarch.com adam at treyarch.com
Tue Feb 22 18:13:52 CET 2000

On Sat, 19 Feb 2000, Bruce wrote:
> If all of this is to be the 'Next generation' of MUDs, then we (the mud
> world) are largely already there.  MOO and Cold have been here at this
> level for some time, or had the capabilities of being at this level at
> the core architecture level.  They've had graphical clients.  Some of
> them have had coordinate based systems.  They've been able to handle
> 100-500 users.  That said, I've moved on from those systems for reasons
> explained in the list archives.
> Isn't it time to really move on to the next generation?

Which begs the question, of course: what really IS the next generation?

Is it simply more scalability, so that instead of 500 people online we go
to 500,000?

Is it more immersive worlds via graphics and sound?

Is it more malleable worlds, with more 'realistic' entity interactions, and
especially more complex player<->world interactions?

Is it better tools for organizing societies within the mud world, so that
players can better interact with each other?

Is it enhanced building/scripting tools so that huge, complex, dynamic worlds
can be created without requiring thousands of work-hours of effort?

These are not retorical questions.  I'm wondering what really IS important
to both players and developers.  And these are high-level questions:
answers like "cross-platform migratable server processes" or "an arbitrarily
large, spinlockable disk-based DB" are not what I have in mind.  These
are simply methods to achieve a goal - what is that goal, for the people
on this list?


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