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Sun Feb 27 13:40:59 CET 2000

On Sat, 26 Feb 2000, Richard Ross wrote:

> I've recently had MSP (Mud Sound Protocol) mentioned to me as a "good
> thing" for the mud I'm working on, but I can find very little
> information regarding the system itself on the web (most links are
> mud-specific and merely contain download links for .wav files).  I've
> seen it in action, and was quite impressed, but still none the wiser.
> So here's my question; how does one go about getting MSP implemented,
> has anyone here implemented it successfully, and what kind of impact
> does it have in terms of system load, design, etc?

The "official" reference on MSP, as far as I was able to find out, is off
of ZuggSoft's (zMUD's) webpage at http://www.zuggsoft.com/zmud/msp.htm - I
have heard of several muds who have successfully implemented it, however I
have no experience myself with it. As far as I can tell, the only  affect
load-wise it would have on the mud/game, is the additional text that it
sends out when you wish to trigger an MSP event.

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