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At 11:52 PM 2/26/00 +0000, Richard wrote: 
> I've recently had MSP (Mud Sound Protocol) mentioned to me as a "good thing"
for the mud I'm working on, but I can find very little information 
> regarding the system itself on the web (most links are mud-specific and
merely contain download links for .wav files).  I've seen it in action, and was

> quite impressed, but still none the wiser. 
> So here's my question; how does one go about getting MSP implemented, has
anyone here implemented it successfully, and what kind of impact 
> does it have in terms of system load, design, etc? 
> Richard

MSP is the most ridiculous "protocol" ever thought up by a 5-year-old.
It goes a little like this: !!SOUND(filename V=volume L=repeats P=priority
T=mud specified type U=URL)

You can find more information through a search engine. Most are
Priority means if two sounds get played at once, the one with the higher
priority will
URL is the address of the sound if it doesn't exist on the user's system.
The reason I call it ridiculous is because it is a simple text-message that is
sent to the
client. If the client doesn't support it, it shows up on their screen. Most
muds that support
MSP will ask in the beginning if they "see" the text or if their client (namely
zMUD which
is the big supporter) understands MSP. This could have been avoided altogether,
have been easily redetected at login, for people who switch telnet clients, if
they had used
telnet escape sequences instead of plain text.
If you really want sound, it is an option.


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