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> Anybody who has bathed a cat knows how effective a small, fluffy
> cuddly big-eyed pettable small animal can be in its own defense.
> Anybody that has walked too near a nesting goose will also know just
> how fearsome an opponent a gander can make (a critter whose only
> "real" weapon is a rather dull beak).
> Small animals can be *fast*.  Speed can make up for a lot of
> inadequacies.
> Yes, rats and bunny rabbits are kinda small and not quite on the
> same footing as say rabid wolves, but that really is not to say that
> they cannot be a worthy opponent should one really take a disliking
> to you.

Careening off topic:

LOL, sorry all I can think of is that a discussion very similar to this one
must have taken place in the pitch meetings for three wonderfully awful
sci-fi movies: "The Killer Shrews," where the monsters were actually dogs
wearing full-body toupees; "The Frogs" where Ray Milland gets croaked; and
of course "Night of the Lepus" about giant bunny rabbits out on the range
terrorizing a cast a show-biz veterans like Rory Calhoun and Janet Leigh.
Who can forget the mass slow-motion bunny attack on the electrified fence?
Hop... Hop... ZZZZT. Hop... Hop... ZZZZT.

"No, really, Sal!  Rabbits can be scary!  We did research!  Wait till you
see the special effects!  This movie'll scare them, I promise!"

The closest I ever came was a movie project very early in my career
(thankfully 20th Century Fox never made it) about giant walking cacti
sticking needles into people.  But at least THAT thought had a certain
frisson about it.

Some animals are scary.  Some aren't.  Rats are.  Bunnies aren't.  Same
thing with insects.  Cockroaches are.  Ladybugs aren't.  It's one of those
times where the reality may very well be dangerous, and logic even on the
side of the danger, but -nobody- buys killer bunnies in a game or a movie.
Can't happen.  Never.


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