[MUD-Dev] Critique: Realms of Despair

David Bennett ddt at discworld.imaginary.com
Tue May 16 19:16:13 CEST 2000

On Tue, 16 May 2000 adam at treyarch.com wrote:

> <21hp 112m 99mv> 
> You must specify at least one argument.
> Use 'who 1' to view the entire who list.
> ####
> # Oh, okay..."who 1"
> ####
> Avatar          Jarax is on loan for guard duty. <Guild of Mages>
>  16 Mage        Gaol!.
>  26 Warrior     Quaph has 9 portals left (read bio).
> Avatar          Karaa brewing.
> Avatar          Ienna is running..Away!.
>  10 Ranger      Qillin Parchments 'n RECALLS for the Pixie Nation [PN].
> Avatar          Feraa brewing, will SAC all portals left on the ground!.
> Avatar          Geoffrey is proud to be GoP's donation security guard. <Guild of Paladins>
> [snip snip snip snip snip]
> 367 players.
> ####
> # AAGGGGHH!  My poor company's DSL (overloaded during the day) bogs down for
> # thirty seconds or so as the who scrolls by.
> # As it finally recovers, I see that we're look at close to 400 players
> # online.
> # Suggestion: make "who" by itself print the number of players, so that
> # those poor folks playing on modems have half a chance.
> ####

We get around this by only printing the names in the main who list and
giving you the more detailed information what do something like:
who wizards

Reduced the spam from who significantly...

> ####
> # Probably a mud this size should look into some ways to reduce spam.
> # One thing would be to do the AnotherMUD-style group arrival:
> # "Torelle's group arrives from the east."
> # alternately:
> # "Torelle, Merios, Rachab, Aquan, Bubel, Reorx, Verie, and Lonan arrive from the east."
> ####

Discworld post-processes all of it's text.  So any two messages which
match printed by two different sources will munge together correctly.  It
handles something like, me typing wave frog and someone else typing wave
frog and frog sees:
Pinkfish and Womble wave to you.

Works with all the enter/exit messages and things too, works with
everything in fact :)  So any time two people do the same thing in the
room it picks it up ;)
Frog and Womble say: Fluff!

Niftier than nifty,

PS If people want to critique running and successful muds you could try

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